Erasmus+ project of the IGS Stromberg

Schüleraustausch 2018 mit der Türkei

Our partnership with the Turkish high school „Adnan Menderes Anadolu Lisesi” started as part of an eTwinning project on „Traces of migration and flight in Turkey and Germany: Similarities and differences - a comparison of the past, the present and the future”.

Our own and the Turkish students studied flight and migration from antiquity to today between the two countries. In search of clues in antiquity, our senior students visited Turkey from 27 May to 2 June 2018, where they spent some time with our partner school at the cultural heritage site of "Troy".

Exchange in Germany

Trip to Frankfurt

Day 1. Day of arrival

On Friday, October 18th, we sat tensely in class all day, it was the day on which our Turkish exchange students came to visit. At 3:00 pm it was time, after half an hour of waiting, they were finally there. The joy was great, as the many hugs showed. Pretty soon everybody left with their guest and we all spent the first evening with our families.

Day 2. Excursion to Koblenz


A dictionary which contains daily expressions is being designed. The dictionary will include these six languages: English, Turkish, German, Bulgarian, Greek and Persian. This dictionary can be used by migrants or refugees. Also, it will be diverted into an e-book in April.


In history lesson, our history teacher gave information about the migration of tribes and its effects on communities both socially and historically.


Mrs Elif Demirkapılar and Efe are working on Canva.

Students are introduced some Web 2.0 tools in workshops. They learned using them competently (canva, zeemap, padlet, my story book, emare, pixton, word art). They have prepared some logos for the our project using these tools.


Art teachers and students worked together.

In October, when the German team was in Turkey, we designed a Trojan Horse using reusable materials.

Türkischer Besuch zu Gast

Erasmus+ Austausch mit der Türkei 2019

Nachdem wir vor den Herbstferien in der Türkei zu Gast waren, stand nun der Gegenbesuch an: Vom 18.10. bis zum 24.10.2019 besuchten uns zehn Schülerinnen und Schüler unserer Partnerschule Adnan Menderes Anadolu Lisesi aus der türkischen Stadt Balıkesir, um gemeinsam mit uns am Projekt „Spuren der Migration und der Flucht in der Türkei und in Deutschland“ weiterzuarbeiten. Dieses im Rahmen von Erasmus+ geförderte Projekt thematisiert die Erfahrungen von Migrantinnen und Migranten sowie der aufnehmenden Gesellschaften in der Türkei und in Deutschland.

Zu Besuch in der Türkei

Erasmus+ Austausch mit der Türkei 2019

Seit September 2018 arbeiten wir gemeinsam mit unserer türkischen Partnerschule „Adnan Menderes Anadolu Lisesi” an unserem Projekt „Spuren der Migration und Flucht in der Türkei und Deutschland“, das von der Europäischen Union im Rahmen von Erasmus+ gefördert wird. Fünf Kolleginnen und Kollegen besuchten mit 21 Schülerinnen und Schülern vom 20.09. bis 25.09.2019 unsere Partnerschule in Balikesir.